The Tinman Series

"Bringing a Little Comedy to Crime"

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The Comedy-Caper Genre Lives On!

Join this lovable and laughable gang of crooks as they tackle impossible heists with hilarious results.

The Readers Speak

There are all kinds of storytellers, but Marc J. Reilly is out to just entertain readers and there is no doubt that he knows how to do it.
Romuald D.
Reviewer for Readers' Favorite

Shady Deal by Marc J Reilly is the second entry in the Tinman Series, a rollicking ride that combines crime and adventure to deliver an entertainment that readers will remember. Tinman and his Posse are thieves and they are about to pull off one of their most ingenious heists. Their target—a collection of rare coins! But with the FBI and bad guys on their heels, can they succeed? Tight spots, break-neck action, wit, and narrow escapes are just a few of the elements that enrich the plot and make this novel a must-read.

But Marc J Reilly’s prose and narrative voice will draw any reader. Right from the beginning, the reader is pulled in by the suave and hypnotic voice, and the humor starts from the very first page. The descriptive nature of the prose allows the very core of the characters to come out. The upbeat style of writing, the proliferation of humor, and the constant action make this book hard to put down. My attention — and I mean my whole attention — was drawn to these pages. Then the laughter was nonstop. There are all kinds of storytellers, but Marc J Reilly is out to just entertain readers and there is no doubt that he knows how to do it. The characters are compelling, likeable — even in the heart of mischief and crime — and the scenes are well written, each constructed to be another vital piece in the engaging narrative. This story will transport you and give you ample opportunity to enjoy a good laugh.

Posse of Thieves: "It had me so tense at times wondering if these ne'er do wells were going to get out of the mess they got themselves into, or actually pull off the heist. I have to wonder, though, how the writer knows so much about the criminal underworld. Good thing he's on the right side of the law, or he could be very dangerous."
Stephanie S.
Calling the Shots: "You made me get so emotionally involved, I seriously couldn't stop reading. What a wonderful gift you have for being able to bring the reader right into the places in your books and then being able to see them in their own minds and imagine exactly what everything and everyone looks like. Thanks for sharing your gift. I love the Tinman Series."
Posse of Thieves: A fun and funny adventure that shovels out the laughs in huge slings. I'd recommend this book to anyone with an interest in intelligent comedy.
Jamie M.
Reviewer for Reader's Favorite
Posse of Thieves: Tinman and his zany group had me laughing through the whole book! Who knew history could be this much fun. I could hardly put the book down.
Donna M.
Marketing and Communications Manager
Shady Deal: "Love your book! Addictive story. Flows smooth as silk."
Charles R.
University Administrator
Posse of Thieves: "I am thoroughly enjoying the ride! Such detail without overdoing it. Just enough info to keep the plot moving. And the characters are absolutely charming."
Elaine V.
Calling the Shots: "I was expecting this to be fun fluff, but it's way deeper than it appears. I love this wacky, dysfunctional family of crooks. They're way more than cartoon characters. Give me more."
Gene S.
Shady Deal: "I was so pissed. I had to get up at six but I had to find out what happened. I laughed out loud, and I never do that with a book."
Kate H.
Posse of Thieves "Why don't they make movies like this, dammit?"
Marsha W.

Book One: Posse of Thieves

If you need some laughs, you’ve found the cure.
Who could have dreamed a couple of old baskets could be worth a million bucks each? When twin brothers Peach and Tinman first stole them 35 years ago, they had no idea they were considered national treasures. If they had, they wouldn’t have given them away for free, now would they! Grrr…
It’s a sore point they just can’t live with. So, they’re out to steal them back again, and nothing will stand in their way!
Actually, everything gets in their way, including maniacal museum guards, impregnable security systems, and an epic run of bad luck. But is that enough to stop our antiheroes from getting back what is rightfully their ill-gotten gains? Um, maybe. To find out how absurdly entertaining it gets, tune into this lovable duo as they
tackle an impossible heist with hilarious results.
Invest in your attitude and put a smile on your face today.

A surefire cure for the blues

I always love a good mystery – and this book is not only a great mystery but a really funny one as well! We all love a good heist but what I truly loved the most were the relationships between the brothers and other members of this totally non-traditional family. It’s not easy to humanize crooks, but the author has done just that and done so with wonderful visuals along with his sense of humor! I found myself actually caring for these crooks! A really wonderful read!

A comedic gem

In keeping with the style of Posse Of Thieves (the first book in the series), “Shady Deal” provides a colorful array of unique characters, and the twists and turns abound. This book is full of surprises, with a nice dose of suspense, and endless hilarity!

Chase away the blues with this criminally funny book.
Twin brothers and partners in crime, Tinman and Peach, uncover a skeleton in their family closet. Unfortunately, the skeleton is alive and kicking and looking to pull off a spectacular heist with help from his long lost “family.”
Sounds great until they find out the FBI is looking to put their relative back into the closet (or slammer, to be more apt). Even worse, the heist involves a rare coin collection that’s stored in an uncrackable safe in a fortress-like mansion on Lake Tahoe. If that’s not bad enough, the owner is a whack job who’s prepared to wage war with anyone who comes near.
Can things get any more ludicrous? You betcha! Chaos ensues, absurdity abounds and the laughs roll on. To find out how wildly entertaining it gets,
tune into this lovable duo and their posse of crooks as they
tackle yet another impossible heist with riotous results.
Bring some laughter into your life.

A tried and true cure for the doldrums.
Tinman, budding heister and ex-pool hustler, gets the shock of his life when a sassy young girl shows up at his doorstep, claiming to be his daughter, and demanding he teach her how to hustle. Unwilling to comply, and unsure how to be the daddy she never had, he decides the best thing for all concerned is to return his offspring from whence she came—back to her deadbeat mom.
Accompanied by Peach, his twin brother, and Tek, a young computer whiz, Tinman sets off across the desert en route to Phoenix. Along the way, the gang stumbles into Sedona, AZ, playground of the rich and famous, and fingers start to itch at the sight of all the available moolah floating around. After crossing paths with an egomaniacal pop star, an audacious caper is hatched.
With help from a band of geriatric eco-saboteurs, and a mysterious mountain man, the brothers embark on their zaniest and most spectacular heist ever. Will Tinman discover the true meaning of fatherhood, while simultaneously pulling off his biggest haul ever? To find out just how insanely entertaining it gets, tune in to
this lovable and laughable posse of crooks as they
tackle yet another impossible heist with hysterical results.
Start improving your good humor today!

Funny from start to finish

These are fantastic characters with great story lines. I started reading this series for a light read and they are funny. I can’t wait till the next one comes out!

Tinman Trilogy

The Tinman Trilogy includes the first three books in the ongoing Tinman Series combined in one convenient eBook! This family of crooks will steal your heart as they tackle one daring heist after another. From priceless baskets to rare coins, no caper is too difficult. (Well, some are, but they have to try anyway, right?) Yet, through all the catastrophes, they manage to remain true to the age-old adage, The family that steals together stays together.
The Tinman Trilogy by Marc J. Reilly is the comedy caper genre at its best, featuring break-neck action, madcap adventure, and well-developed characters who will tug at your heartstrings.
Dive into this odyssey of comedy where each book contains a major heist, a few misdemeanors, some additional minor wrongdoings, and belly laughs galore!

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Tinman Series Cartoon safecracker
Tinman Series cartoon pickpocket
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Who's Who in the Tinman Series

Tinman Series Cartoon burglar peering around a door.

The Posse


De facto leader of the Posse, he is stuck in the middle of a seemingly never-ending mid-life crisis. His career as a high-stakes pool hustler has tanked, leaving him with no alternative but to turn to a life of crime. Finding himself totally inept as a burglar, he relies on his keen intellect to plan the gang’s heists. As an inveterate hypochondriac and pessimist, he is convinced if something can go wrong, it will. And so it usually does.


Polar opposite of his fraternal twin brother, Tinman, he is optimistic to a fault, happy-go-lucky and fun-loving. Originally a stickup man, he has evolved into a top-notch safecracker and cat burglar—and he really, really loves his job. A bona fide babe magnet, he can steal the hearts of women as effortlessly as he can relieve them of their jewelry.


Eldest of the Posse, he is an elite con artist who fell from grace when the Big Con faded in the 1950’s. He helped raise Tinman and Peach, and proudly considers himself one of their adopted uncles. He is the criminal sage of the group, making certain everyone follows proper thief etiquette.


Catfish’ lifelong partner in crime, he is considered a class cannon, one of the few remaining master pickpockets who turn bodily theft into an art form (as long as his arthritis isn’t acting up). He, too, helped raise Tinman and Peach after they were orphaned at birth. As an adopted uncle, he makes sure the brothers are true to their thieves’ blood by always taking the crooked path.


As a professional poker player, she takes no prisoners. She was a bombshell as a young woman, and even now as a septuagenarian has the kind of lure that can drive most happily married men to infidelity. Honesty is not her strong suit, so it’s always best to assume she has an ace up every sleeve.


Youngest member of the Posse, he is a computer whiz with a taste for crime. Despite being cheeky and often rash, he has endeared himself to his mentors, and brings a high-tech advantage to many of their capers. Tinman secretly considers him to be his adopted son.

The Irregulars

Jahllo – The gang’s fence who’s a bigger thief than the thieves themselves.

Amber – A brassy bartender at the local pool hall. Secretly has the hots for Tinman.

Rudy – General of a can-collecting army of homeless people. All-purpose foot soldier for the Posse.

Angel – A Guatemalan albino, nicknamed, Angel of Death. Brought in when the gang needs muscle.

Malice – A Samoan behemoth, and Angel’s partner. Also used for muscle.

Tinman Series Funny cartoon thief running with a sack of money.
Tinman Series Cartoon Femme Fatale bombshell in red dress
Tinman Series Cartoon thief at a computer desk
Tinman Series Greedy cartoon thief stealing coin
Tinman Series Cartoon bully with a menacing look.