A Special Release From the Crook who Cooks!

Twelve short stories featuring Tinman, star of the Tinman Series.
Tinman takes his cooking seriously. He knows juicy heists only come around occasionally, and the times in-between can be lean indeed. That’s why he’s embraced scratch cooking and found a way to eat like a king, all without a lot of money. Get a taste of Tinman and his hilarious gang of crooks as they attempt to pull off heists, all the time wondering—what’s for dinner?

Stories include: Comfort Food, Breakfast at Tinman’s, Philosophic Shopper, By Cook or By Crook, Carrera de Tacos, Casserole Calamity, Soup du Jour, Thai One On, Food Fight, Real Crooks Do Eat Quiche, Hunger Pangs and What a Crock.


You’ll get Thieves Recipes for free, whether you buy the Kindle version of Crookbook or download the PDF. This is the companion book which contains twelve recipes, corresponding to the twelve stories in Crookbook, as well as valuable cooking and shopping tips. Tinman will walk you through the art and magic of scratch cooking. Discover independence in the kitchen, freedom from restaurants, and some really yummy dishes. Join him to learn how to be happy and healthy (even when you’re in-between scores).